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My Rebuild - Dinesh Patel -  Personal Trainer - weight loss - Camberwell ,SE5, Peckham, SE15, South London  07935 540 906


 My Rebuild - Dinesh Patel -  Personal Trainer - Weight loss - Fitness - Camberwell, SE5, Peckham,  SE15, South London - 07935 540 906  

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Health - Strength - Wellbeing 


'I've been training with Dinesh for 2 years now. Primarily for general health and toning. As someone that works hospital shifts flexibility with training times is really important to me. Dinesh makes training really easy for me to fit in with my work and varies training methods to keep me motivated, interested and improving. He encourages me to push myself further but always within my limits, both physically and mentally. I have never enjoyed working out alone and have often wasted large amounts of money on unused gym memberships. With Dinesh I'm motivated and positive about training.'


Lisa, 33yrs, Hospital shift worker.

'Dinesh is an excellent trainer with a great attitude.  Our sessions always leave me feeling like I have pushed myself to the limit and beyond.  He is encouraging and always positive. Structured and varied session programmes are provided, which he talks through and are catered to exactly what you want to get out. My sessions are a balanced combination of strength, core and cardio and they are always challenging and fun! I really commend Dinesh for his assistance in improving my overall health through giving advice on diet, posture (as someone that spends a lot of time at a computer his advice is very true beneficial), stretching and general well being. I have been training with Dinesh for just over 2 years and feel healthier, physically much fitter and am definitely stronger (thank you 'deadlifts until failure'!). I couldn't recommend him enough!'


Kasey Thomas, Interior designer - 1508 London

'I've been training with Dinesh for about 5 years - never had a personal trainer before. We've been doing boxing and free weights etc., always quite varied but well structured. I am transformed! I enjoy our sessions enormously, always feel pushed to maximum but not brutalised! In 3 months I had become *much* fitter and stronger. I couldn't recommend Dinesh highly enough and he's a fantastic bloke too.'


Adrian Pay, Barrister

'I have been training with Dinesh for a year and ahalf now and each time I train he pushes me to beat my own personal bests in a very supportive and fun way. I always look forward to my sessions and each time I go I feel stronger. He makes training fun and enjoyable and he supports it with helpful nutritional advice to help me make the most out of each workout. I would definitely recommend him as a trainer.'


Phoebe, Primary School Teacher.

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