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My Rebuild - Dinesh Patel -  Personal Trainer - weight loss - Camberwell ,SE5, Peckham, SE15, South London  07935 540 906


 My Rebuild - Dinesh Patel -  Personal Trainer - Weight loss - Fitness - Camberwell, SE5, Peckham,  SE15, South London - 07935 540 906  

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Health - Strength - Wellbeing 

Personal Training

I offer you -


Weight loss - I will effectively train you and give you realistic diet advice in a manageable way to get you to your ideal weight


Strength - I can train you to become the strongest you have ever been


Aesthetics - Bodyshaping


Posture improvement - I have vast experience in improving posture to protect your spine and improve your movement


Body optimisation - optimize your body and its ability (beat aches and pains)


Boxing / kick boxing/ self defence


A strong mental and confidence boost

My Rebuild  personal training - Camberwell SE5, Peckham SE15, South London - weight loss, fitness, well being - Contact Dinesh - 07935-540-906  

What's your goal?


Personal training is not about buying sessions, what your buying is the end result. Most people resolve to get healthier, take out a Gym membership, train randomly without a structure, or with a structure that was designed by somebody who has no idea how your body responds to exercise. They get tired of seeing no results, and then give up. Having an experienced trainer to coach, guide and motivate you through to the end result makes the critical difference.


Chooose your goal and book your free session now!




What does training involve?

Personal training sessions. These will be ultra efficient, fun, varied and tailored to your goal.


Nutritional advice which will be realistic, and easily applicable to your daily life.


Training sessions involve hard work, sweat, getting out of the comfort zone, and a huge feeling of satisfaction.


Training with me is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Your body is the one vessel you have to carry you through your life journey. When you book sessions with me, your health and fitness become my priority. Your session lasts for 1 hour, my work, research and development of your training and nutrition program continues long afterwards.


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