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My Rebuild - Dinesh Patel -  Personal Trainer - weight loss - Camberwell ,SE5, Peckham, SE15, South London  07935 540 906


 My Rebuild - Dinesh Patel -  Personal Trainer - Weight loss - Fitness - Camberwell, SE5, Peckham,  SE15, South London - 07935 540 906  

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Health - Strength - Wellbeing 

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My Rebuild - personal training - Camberwell SE5, Peckham SE15, South London - weight loss, fitness, well being - Contact Dinesh - 07935-540-906 or email me from the contact page


Hi, I'm Dinesh, I live health and fitness, and my objective is to rebuild you, into the best shape of your life!


I have the knowledge, experience, energy and motivation to get you to your fitness goal, whatever shape you are in, achieving your fitness goal is my target, nothing is impossible, so choose a good one!


I like to keep things simple, while making sure your sessions are fun and enjoyable.  My specialist areas are weight and fat loss, and strength and fitness. Over the years, I have been an 18 stone weightlifter, and I have also been an 11 stone distance runner. As a Personal trainer in Central London, I have had the opportunity to work with a hugely diverse amount of people over the years, from muscle gainers, weight losers, and professional athletes, to bad posture holders, dancers and models. I can now offer you the same service I gave them, so get in touch and let's get started!











No gym membership needed, so no more endless and non productive gym sessions


Fully mobile service - I bring the gym to you


I am totally hardcore and live to produce results


110% commitment to your goal


Friendly, professional,  highly experienced and will get the job done


Registered exercise professional


Full public liability insurance


I offer you a free taster session or 'try before you buy' for your peace of mind.


I don't do what most trainers do and have a cancellation policy. If you need to rearrange a session I will do so without charge.



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With Hollywood icon and Expendables star Dolph Lundgren in the Gym

My weight loss experiment 2014


I ran this self experiment to prove my weight loss principles. I began in January 2014 by commencing a diet high in carbohydrates, fats and sugars. I gained 20 kg by June 2014, and my waist grew to 39.5 inches.

I began my weight loss regimen in July 2014, and lost the 20kg by January 2015, and by March 2015 had managed to reach a 10% bodyfat level, with a 30 inch waist. I did this to highlight what can be done with my training knowledge.

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June 2014

January 2015

March 2015