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My Rebuild - Dinesh Patel -  Personal Trainer - weight loss - Camberwell ,SE5, Peckham, SE15, South London  07935 540 906


 My Rebuild - Dinesh Patel -  Personal Trainer - Weight loss - Fitness - Camberwell, SE5, Peckham,  SE15, South London - 07935 540 906  

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Hi I'm Dinesh, founder of My Rebuild and certified personal trainer.


I'm a health and fitness addict that lives, eats and sleeps and breathes the healthy lifestyle. I train twice a day and stick to a diet 365 days a year.


Spending the last 27 years training in many physical disciplines, and learning about the human body, has taught me the 'fads' and trends, from the facts and the proven. I have tested every popular diet, and every popular exercise system so you dont have to waste time doing so. Spending a life time practising, learning and experimenting with exercise and diet has made me a very effective Personal Trainer, and one who can take you to your fitness goal. My personal training service is fully mobile and I bring the Gym to you.


Working in the fitness industry in Central London, has inspired me to develop a super effective training style, that can be tailored to any individual, and any fitness goal. My target is to get you to where you want to be, or beyond what you thought possible. In fact, this is exactly where my passion and energy bubble over. I want you to feel as good as I do.


I create a custom plan for each Client, based on lifestyle, and what is really possible, whilst keeping it realistic and enjoyable.


It doesn't matter what fitness level you are currently at, or how you want to change your body, what matters is that you decide you want to and why,  take the first step, get in touch and start your journey.













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